Spring Ready

First of all, please accept my apologies for being a bit MIA. Thank you!

We all know spring is finally here (Yayyy) so, it’s time to put away the big, heavy coats  and get into the season. It can be quite confusing transitioning from the cold winter days into warmer spring days, as the weather isn’t fully stable yet. In order to achieve your spring ready outfits and keep warm, try playing with soft hues and patterns whilst layering for warmth. Okay let’s get started!

I paired these amazing wide leg trousers which give an illusion of elongated legs, with a low back ribbed black bodysuit (both from Urban Outfitters ) for the perfect spring look. The vertical stripes and the contrast between the top and the bottom also make me appear taller than I actually am (my fellow petite ladies, this trick is for you). For when it gets a bit chilly, I chose an oversized black shirt which gives the outfit a very laid back look and still keeps me warm enough. I added a velvet choker, stud earrings and wrist watch as I wanted to keep the accessories minimal and simple. Wearing my hair in a top knot with bangs and adding heels completed the look. More info on how I achieved this hairstyle would be available soon.


 <Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters > <Trousers:Urban Outfitters > <Velvet choker: Urban Outfitters > <Shoes: Asos Heels > < Photography: Karina Karunwi >

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