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 Official outfits don’t have to be too serious and boring. You should try wearing a bold lip colour on a Monday or add some pattern to brighten up your look. This way, you’d look very alert and feel confident to take on the week. You can choose either of the two options if you’re not too comfortable with both. Since the weather is a bit of both (sunny and wet) during this period, I decided to pair these pieces together which are convenient for either. For the bottom, I chose these very flattering straight trousers from Bershka and paired them with a patterned top to avoid looking too official (top from Zara). For a pop of colour and confidence boost, I put on some ruby woo, heels and added a black coat. There is no doubt you won’t have a wonderful week after looking so confident!

<Coat: Similar> <Top:Zara><Trousers: Similar><Shoes: Similar>

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