The Riviera…2

This is a continuation of The Riviera… 1, as promised in the last post to show you more from my holiday experience and on this day, we visited another town called Paignton. We did half of the shoot in Torquay before going to Paignton for the second half (although, it’s not included in this post) where we were able to get a view of some of the connecting towns that make up the English Riviera.  To be honest, Paignton was the least fascinating of the towns we visited because there was not much to do there just the Paignton Pier.

On this trip, I only took accessories that could be worn with all my outfits, so I apologise if you see the same set over again. As you may have noticed, I’m a little bit obsessed  with clothes that show off my back, shoulders and collarbones. Just a little bit obsessed. I think they allow you to flaunt just the right amount of skin without going overboard. I chose to style this lovely bardot top I got a while ago from ZARA with the same wide-leg trousers from the previous post (The Riviera… 1) but in black and minimal accessories and makeup.

This was a summer for off-the-shoulder styles with tops, dresses, jumpsuits and any other style you can think of. I’ve seen so many different ways people rocked this style and it was even more beautiful when brides wore it for their special day. Personally, I don’t think there is any way you can go wrong styling your bardot. It’s versatile like that. You can let me know how you wore yours by tagging me on instagram or use #nevertooglam.

<Trousers: BERSHKA><Top: BERSHKA ><Bag:ZARA ><Sandals: H&M><Photography:KARINA KARUNWI >

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