Flare of The Season

Some things just never go out of style and bell-bottoms are a perfect example. Also known as flare trousers, this style owned the 1960s and 1970s in full force! They were rocked by both young and old, male and female. I clearly remember seeing my dad’s old photos where he was in flare trousers, shirt and yes you guessed right, a well-trimmed afro (I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a throwback photo of your parents like this one). Flare trousers are back this year and have taken over together with big sleeves of any kind.  When shopping, try to go for timeless pieces and don’t just flow with the trend because sooner than later, trend dies and the items become less appealing to you. So, learn to find what sits well on your body then shop around for that style because we all have different body types. And please understand this beautiful people, not all trends would suit your body shape. Wearing the wrong piece can make you look not as flattering as you intended. I know you’ve probably heard this a million times (but I’ll say it regardless) about the various body shapes and how to dress for them.


I reckon this style of trousers is versatile enough and would look incredible on all body types but would suit people with pear, hourglass and apple shapes better. Now when it comes to height, short people can use it to their advantage because when worn with heels, they hide the shoes and create that illusion of you having longer legs.


My go-to look is a simple nice shirt with a good pair of trousers, minimal accessories and pulled back hair. Life is wayyyy easier like this (for me) and ladies, you can dress this look up or down depending on the occasion.



For this look, I chose these bell-bottoms because they complement my body type perfectly and as I mentioned earlier, elongate my legs when worn with heels (Ladies, this is like the oldest trick). I chose this striped shirt because of its simplicity and the deep slits with curved hems on the sides put more focus on the hips. Now you can style it differently on a night out by wearing a nice crochet bralet, nice jewellery with your hair down or a more sophisticated look would be to pair with a sleeveless wrap top, minimal jewellery and a nice pair of barely there heels.





The earrings are quite obvious already so there was no need to add necklace and as mentioned earlier, I always go for minimal accessories together with a pulled back hair-do.


<Shirt- H&M > <Trouser- H&M > <Earrings-H&M > <Bag- ZARA > <Shoes- ZARA> <Photography- Karina Karunwi >


Instagram: Never Too Glam

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