What’s not love about this edit?!
Now this look was created with Tracee Ellis Ross in mind. But of course.
I chose this colour because…… on Wednesdays, we wear PINK. Ha!
Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m really trying to stop getting MIA on this blog so I’ll be putting out stuff regularly. So, keep up!
The whole look is centred around this eye-popping pink turn-up trousers, with options of tops for the casual but stylish ones and then there is the strapless top for the rise-to-the-occasion kinda girls. I won’t even lie, I’m both. This is my perfect look. You can wear this either for a business lunch, time out with the girls or even dinner.
Never leave out a stunning pair of footwear to pull the whole look off. It’s not compulsory to wear heels if you’ll be uncomfortable. The great part about this look is that you can swap the heels for nice looking mules like this pair and still look chic.
You can go for minimal/dainty accessories or these statement earrings would do just fine for the bold ones out there. Personally, I’ll choose dainty for the strapless top and then go for the bold earrings with the asymmetrical shirt, pulled back hair with a centre part, to finish the look.
Make-up should be minimal or nude for this kind of ensemble. We won’t want to go over board and look crazy, right?
Feel free to let me know your opinion in the comment section. If you like it, or dislike, or an item you’ll love to change in the edit.

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