La Mango

So you know how there are hidden chill spots but you have to treasure hunt to find them? That was the case for this location. La Mango. It’s in Ikeja. Of course I didn’t find it on my own. Let’s thank Millicent and her wandering mind.


img_2583We were there with friends just the night before and as we admired the whole scenery, she said exactly what I was thinking. ‘Let’s shoot’.

I’ve had this beautiful set by elora in my wardrobe for some time now and couldn’t think of a better location for it than this stunner. Fuchsia pink/purple and green never looked this coordinated. (See what I did there??? Ha! such a genius)
What’s not to love about this well thought out design by elora. I reckon it’s suitable for both formal duties and when you just want an effortless Chic look.



Look out for the next post where I dress down my elora.




Website: Elora Collection

Instagram: eloracollection


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