Thank you

Welcome to 2018, Nevertooglam!!

This is to say a very huge thank you to you, still following me and visiting this blog. Thank you for your constant support. 

Thank you for the virtual thumbs up you give me, in the form of the ‘booming stats’ notification. Thank you for the encouragement I get, whenever I see an increase in the number of visitors 

Thank you for your love.  

I had no idea what I was doing opening this blog and I still have NO clue whatsoever where it’s headed. All I know is, it’s a way of expressing my thoughts/views on fashion and I love doing it. I only hope that some day, we’ll make something extraordinary out of it. 

All I’m just trying to say is THANK YOU for sticking around❤️.

This look was for my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary celebration . Per usual, I opted for a black ensemble, with hair pulled back, minimal accessories and barely there makeup to match. You don’t even want to hear about the BTS drama before/on this eventful day! 

Bottom line, it was a success and we thank God for it. 

You can connect with me on;

Instagram: nevertooglam

Twitter: nevertooglam 

Facebook page: nevertooglam 

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