How gorgeous is this shade of pink!

Black used to be my go-to hue since forever. Apart from the fact that everything looks better in black, of course, my opinion has always been that it’s a more domineering colour. Hence, it makes you appear bad ass than you actually are. It has also been a great confidence boost for me in many situations (hmmmm or maybe it’s just in my head). But to be factual, an all black ensemble will make you look and feel more in-charge. Seriously. Depending on how and what you wear.

Little did I KNOW that I had been missing out on all of the gorgeousness of bright and vibrant colours. Why didn’t anybody tell me?!!

This outfit, in Fuchsia pink , made me feel like a billion dollars all through the event. The design, seamless tailoring, the ambience of the designer’s studio when I went for fittings and her overall reception, made me fall in love with this two-piece even more. Yes, it’s a two-piece and not a dress. Which means you can re-style the pieces 10 times over! A good deal, if you ask me.

I particularly love the placement of the ruching detail, the length/style of the sleeves and the best part, the corset lacing at the back which certainly made the fit more flirty than it is already.

I’m pretty sure that by now, you can tell how much I;

1. absolutely loved wearing it

2. stole glances at myself everytime I walked past anything reflective.

You trust.

After I put on lashes

Enjoy my unedited selfie💋

The designer is Ant Hill by Enitan, a young female Nigerian brand with a unique twist to indigenous fabrics, like the Asooke (a type of hand-woven fabric particular to the south-western people of Nigeria. The Yoruba tribe) used for this outfit. Creating each design herself before tailoring them into ready to wear pieces for the everyday woman, with a wide range of sizes available.

Super in love with how this look came together. I paired this outfit with two big decorated cornrows, tucking the ends into each other to achieve a braided chignon, small pearl earrings, a thin silver chain, minimal makeup and the perfect black Gianvito Rossi mules from Farfetch or MatchesFashion.

What is your go-to colour and what colours are you willing to experiment with?! Let me know

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