Support Female-Owned Brands

These Corona times are definitely taking the toll on small scale businesses especially in the month of March, during the International Women’s Month. In the spirit of uplifting women and in order to help keep these businesses afloat, we need to keep the orders coming in! So here’s a list of tried and trusted female-owned Nigerian brands that you can rely on for your online orders. They deliver impeccable results just as you see in the pictures. You probably have to send in specific measurements just in case your body proportion doesn’t necessarily fit the size chart they have provided, like in my case. But other than that, you can go ahead and get your wardrobe ready for the Post-Rona come back.

Ibilola Ogundipe

Ibilola is known for making the most elegant silk dresses that sway effortlessly to the rhythm of your body. No, Not tight but that dress will hug your body in all the perfect places. If “fits like a glove” was a dress, here she is. This is her. Look no further, sis.

Instagram: @Ibilolaogundipe

Anthill by Enitan

My previous post has all the rave about this blooming brand, AntHill by Enitan. She brings her intricately designed sketches to life in the most unique indigenous fabrics, with amazing tailoring. What more could you ask of a brand? I’m shamelessly hoarding one more outfit I got from her till the Rona passes away. OR I might just lounge in it for a quick blog shoot.

Instagram: @anthillbyenitan

Instagram: @anthillbyenitan


Now she is like my go-to link for cute white mules like I shared in a previous post. Ama.Ren is a footwear brand that produces unique, comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing designs with the everyday woman in mind. The shoes are durable and made with fine leather almost too good for its price. With this brand, you really don’t have to break the bank to look like a bag of money. Extremely good value for the cost. The icing on the cake? You can send in your custom design and get it just the way you ordered.

Instagram: @Ama.ren_label
Instagram: @nevertooglam

Elora Collection

This was actually one of my early purchases when I moved back to Nigeria and couldn’t figure out why some of these brands have overly priced basic items. Simply put, maybe I was just broke. Elora is all for the classic and modest ladies that desire practical yet fashionable pieces. Very well made items with inexpensive price tags. Very rare of a number of Nigerian brands, their customer service, fitting and finishing were so impressive that I couldn’t stop grinning from ear-to-ear when I got my last minute order. Imagine the JOY. I honestly cannot get tired of recommending this brand.

Instagram: @hafymo

Instagram: @hafymo

Kai Collective

So I haven’t exactly ordered from this brand YET but it’s so evident from reviews that she’s certainly doing something right. Ticking all the right boxes. It’s an automatic yes from me. Kai has such glamorous silhouettes tailored in the most perfect fabrics of vegan leather, silk, organza and quality cotton. Each piece is designed in such a way that it gives the wearer so much personality without her uttering a word. The designs literally speak for themselves. From images, you can already tell how gorgeous and confident the ladies feel in their outfits. Which really is the ultimate goal of every designer. We love to see it.

Instagram: @FisayoLonge

I hope you enjoyed reading about my fave fives. Are you willing to try any of them? Yes? Let me know in the comments.

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